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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Gilneas Story line-part one

My favorite story line of all the WOW expansions so far has to be the Gilneas one. For anyone that may be thinking of going back to WOW or for any teenagers that are thinking of trying out World of Warcraft I would highly recommend trying out the Worgen first off.

Wow is a very longstanding MMO and as such there are always kids wanting to try it out so this is a walk through specifically geared for any new players but if your nostalgic this may well take you back to World of Warcraft.

You begin by being sent to speak to Prince Liam and Quest 1 and 2 involve killing 6 Worgens, and evacuating the market square, be aware that once you knock on a door to evacuate the person, an aggro Worgen may come out too.

You need to speak to Gwen Armstead as well, she will give your quest 3 and ask you to try and find and bring back supplies that have been stolen.

Quest 4 - is your trainers quest
Speak to your trainer, Druid, hunter, warlock etc,  in the military district, hes not far form the market square.  You get your second ability.

They then give you Quest 5 which is to use your new ability, if you're a hunter this is 'Steady shot' to kill Bloodfang Worgens.  You can find these on to the west on your map and the area is highlighted blue on the mini map.

Quest 6 is called safety in numbers and you need to report back  to King Graymane in the military district.

Quest 7 is called Old Divisions and the king asks you to go and speak to Captain Bodreck regarding Darius Crowley inside the Stoneward Prison.  Use your mini map in the top corner and follow the route to the yellow question mark. this 

Speak to Lord Godfrey who is next to the king and he gives you Quest 8, called 'While you're at it' you need to kill 5 Bloodfang. 

                         This video takes you through the first 8 Quests. 

Quest 9 is where you speak to Captain Broderick and he sends you up to speak to Lord Darius Crowley.

Quest 10, the Prison Rooftop  He asks you to survive 2 minutes of attacks form mass groups of Worgens.  the easiest way  to do this is by hitting the tab button as you see the Worgens coming and hit your attack buttons, hit tab and attack and so on as if this is your first attempt at this quest it might look like a disaster but it's not really.  In the video below my niece is playing with me and she manages it by using the tab button and pressing the number key for her attack move too.  

Quest Eleven, 'Brothers in Arms' asks you to go back and speak to King Greymane.
Quest Twelve, 'The Rebel Lords arsenal' asks you to speak to Josiah Avery 

This video takes you through to Quest  twelve.

After speaking to Josiah you are given quest 13 'From the shadows'.  You have to kill Bloodfang Lurkers.  You are given a Mastiff to help you as they can see them. When you here a (in my nieces words) a ghostly noise nearby, press control and 1 and your mastiff will attack if the Bloodfang lurker is in range, press tab to target it and then attack. 

Quest 14 sends you back to speak to the King.  Quest 15 the king asks you to Save Krennan Aranas, you are given a horse and when you near Krennan, who is hanging from a tree,  you click the new action you have been given and your horse then takes you and Krennan back to the king.  Quest 16, 'Time to re-group is completed when you speak to the king. While you are speaking to the king you may want to stop for a while and listen to the conversation the king is having with Lord Darius Crowley. 

Speak to Crowley,  he gives you quest 17, 'Sacrifices'.  you ride with Lord Crowley and round up 30 Bloodfang Stalkers, this quest can be confusing as you're not actually rounding them up but potentially throwing grenades at them.  If you don't round up 30 you won't get the next quest from Tobias Mismantle, jump on a horse next to him and go back out to get the full 30 Bloodfang Stalkers.  Also, if Tobias Mismantle is dead when you reach the cathedral, you will need to wait on him re-spawning to get the next quest (These have both happened to me in the past and are irritating but fixable).

Tobias gives you Quest 18, 'By Blood and Ash'.  You need to use the cannons to kill 80 Bloodfang Stalkers. He then tells you to go and speak to Lord Darius Crowley inside the cathedral.  Crowley asks you to kill more Bloodfangs and once you have completed this you get a nice little cut scene to watch...and it is one of my favorite scenes of this story line. 

After the scene you find yourself in Duskhaven, speak to the king, once you have spoken to him you must speak to Lord Godfrey for the 21st quest.

This takes you through to the transition and onto Quest 21.