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Monday, 18 November 2013

RIFT - Beginners guide for solo Rift Warrior.

What Paladin build is best for solo PVE in Rift?

I have been playing rift now for two years and still remember running through the open Beta test thinking this was a great game.  The fact that you can be running around happily questing one minute and have an invasion coming along the road at you the next is great chaotic morpg fun.

I am a casual player so don’t ever play a morpg for the end game …yet, however in saying that part of the fun of playing rift  is being able to hold your own when you’re caught outnumbered by the sudden invasions, I have indeed, been caught and squashed like a bug with various mage builds but never with my Defender. The following spec is a levelling spec which will allow you to roam Telara exploring,  rift chasing or just questing quietly. 

The Defender is a brilliant tank, currently at level 42 you should have spent 56 points in your soul tree.  You will have the Warlord, Paladin and Rift blade souls but you do not spend any points in
Rift blade  at this point.  You focus the majority of your points in the Paladin soul tree spending a total of 40 points.  Your Warlord soul tree should have 16 points in it.

With the Defender you are using sword & shield so your focus is on defence, armour and block are key to the success of this type of warrior. If you prefer duel wield fighting you need to look at building a champion spec, if you want to fight with two handed weapons, this can be ok but, only,  if you build for offence, you can still be outnumbered on occasion without the defence though as the defender is primarily made for tanking.

When upgrading your armour, always try and use the gear from the rare planar goods.  Planer gear has good stats and is cheaper than buying off of the auction house.  You gain the planarite from closing rifts, defeating footholds and being involved with invasions (you also gain various source stone currencies doing invasions too)  

The most confusing thing for me when I first got involved with rift was the Source cores you got, what is the best way to stat them?   I have a good set up which seems to keeps me alive when running quests or rift chasing.  I use the amplified Source core which allows you one Greater planar essence and three lesser planar essence.   The greater essence is the ominous shade source which grants a bonus to certain moves, the three lesser essences are the Mighty force planar, the lesser scintillating deepstone and the Flamelord rage essence.   Each of these grant stat bonuses to various attributes however much of this goes towards strength, block and critical moves.

This build has taken me through all of Moonshade Highlands easily, even when I accidently pulled 7 undead, I lived to tell the tale.  I have tried my luck in Iron pine peak during the beginning of the  storm legion invasions before the expansion hit, and I took the same build onto the beta test for Storm legion and it did really well if it was level appropriate.   I love the dimensions so in order to find the best options for dimensions at level 38, I ran my defender through Tulan, to get to Tempest bay for all of the dimension options  and dimension goods.  I can say although she did a lot of ducking and diving she made it without a single death scene.

So there you have it, if your new and you have little idea of how to build a solo toon, this should help you on your way.  Happy questing!!