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Thursday, 21 November 2013

A little more about Everquest II - Writs in Freeport

You may notice that the first post was about Neriak Writs which is a city from the ‘Evil faction’  So I am now going to give you some advice on how to find Writs in Freeport… Another ‘Evil faction’.  What?  I can’t help it, I am just drawn to the dark side; chuckle.

Writs for Neriak are here, also a little tiny intro about the game.

Everquest is a MORPG that does exactly what it says on the tin, Quests are forever, you never run out of quests in this game and there is always something to do.

You can log on and quest, craft, design your very own house (or in my case my very own 15 houses) or you can level and play the dungeons as you go.  It is a well established MMO with loads to do and regular expansions out every year or two. 

Writs are quests that gain you faction points within certain factions, you can then use their vendors to buy things with your faction status points.   Freeport is also one of the evil factions along with Neriak.  It is a city built along the coast and its kind of rough but still looks awesome with many winding streets and back alleys.  If you are new to the game it’s easy to become lost in freport so here are your Writ NPC’s to help you on your way.

You can get writs from the following NPC’s in Freeport:

Freeport Militia - West Freeport
Trooper Boneshaw and Liege Helvanica

Dismal Rage - North Freeport  (Opposite Library)
Convert Y’Ral and Occultist Leuonicus

Academy of Arcane science - North Freeport  (In the Library)
Neophyte Jhanor and Archivist Jindefog

Seafury Buccaneers - South Freeport (On the Docks)
Squab Kalina and Boatswan Fomas

So now you know who to look for lets go go go and start killing the real evil in the land of Norrath