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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

EQII Tinkered Townhouse

I was wandering around my housing in EQII and taking pictures left right 
and centre, trying to get some good pictures for my blog when it occurred 
to me that my favourite little Tinkered town house was absolutely full of 
moving items.  I wandered around trying to take more pictures to show 
this but it just didn't work.

Well it is not in my nature to just leave it out or make do so I did some 
digging, learned how to record in game footage and viola!!

There are four rooms and each room is pictured below but ....There is also 
a video to give my Tinkered Town-house the view it needed to show all of the equipment.  

Just about everything was gained from collecting the tokens during tinker fest 
(except the table, chairs and bed which are still tinker style items and 
cost me nothing to make). 

Tinker Room
This room is full of moving parts and equipment and it had been so long since 
I had messed around with Layout editor I did it all by hand, it felt great when 
I had finished it. 

The Living Area
Just a quiet calm place in the town-house

The Boiler Room

Full of boilers and engines along with some pollution coming form the pipes 
in the corner.

At the beginning of the video is the entrance area,  sit back and enjoy the