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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

EverQuest 2 - The Return of the Light

The Return of the Light is a Heritage Quest which has a series of Quests before the final battle of the Quest.  Here are some guidelines to help you get through this Heritage Quest.

You can pick up this quest at level 18 however it is recommended that you be level 20 before entering the last few quests of this Heritage line. 

You start the quest by Examining the Burned out Lightstone dropped from the lightbringer wisp.  You can find this North of the Ring of Nature (Druid Rings) in the Commonlands.  Waypoint destination is around 800,- 60,- 200

Once you have examined the item find ‘Connix’ and he will send you to find the following:

The Mourned at  -590,-48,-629
The Forgotten at 172,-45,260
Rama’nai at 878,-58,11

Rama’nai is a lion you must kill before returning to ‘Connix’ who will then send you to kill the following Orcs:

Captain Geary at -855,-48,668
Captain Ogaf at -645,-48,461

You must return, again, to Connix and he will send you to kill more Orcs at the following locations:

High Priest of Valmar at the top of the tower at 382,-47,230
General Drull in the instance - Blood Skull Valley.  Go to 215,-48,667 first and then to -4,-48,729
General Drull is a Heroic and comes with 3 massive mobs so you will need a group to complete this part of the quest.

After completing this instance return to Connix and begin speaking to him.  He will be attacked but you need to let him die and re-spawn before finishing the quest or the quest will not complete.

So there you have it.  If you decide to jump into the land of Norrath and go adventuring and happen to come across the Light bringer wisp then you’ll be on your merry way to completing this Heritage Quest.   The reward for this quest suits a wizard or a necromancer well as it boosts stats for intelligence and wisdom.

Thanks for reading and have fun !!