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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Types of Rifts

 In the MMO Rift you come across various types of rifts.  Firstly you have the Elements; Earth Rifts, Fire Rifts, Death Rifts, Air Rifts and Water Rifts.

Within these rifts there are many different types.  I have come across four different types of Death rifts alone.  They are different dependant on the event and the zone. 

The Death rifts you can see in the pictures are only two of the four I have come across but I will give you some tips.
In the Rift with the skeletal dragon it tells you to kill 30 lost souls.  If you come across this type of Rift when you are solo run past it.  Yes, I said leave it alone.  It is impossible to kill 30 of these lost souls alone as the float towards the dragon and they do not retaliate so you would spend hours trying to do this.

If a rift has ghostly looking wolves in it you need to draw the wolves to the sparkling headstone before killing them as when they are caught by this they change so as you can now kill what it tells you to in the rift Quest.  If you don’t do this you end up killing these ghostly wolves to infinity as they are not in the correct form to register the kill within the rift.

You do get two other rifts which are basically standard rifts however; beware, in one of these the big dude in the centre splits into around 12 soldiers so stand back and only use area effects if you are with a group, otherwise pick them off two by two.

I have put in some pictures of different rifts, the dark ones are Death rifts and the bright colourful ones are life rifts

Hope this helps you with your journeys through Telara!

All pictures taken form in game footage and courtesy of Trion.