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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

EQII Housing - Thurgaden hall

When I first bought Thurgaden Grand Hall I knew from the start I wanted to see what I could do with the massive caverns at the back so I threw myself off of them to get an idea of how far you could drop before being re-loaded to a safe spot. I found the height and then had the task of clipping the first tile as low as it would go so as I could get started. Finally with many hours work (I did practically everything by hand but had to use layout editor for the stone bridge) I have the fist section of the lower Garden done, but I have since discovered I can get further down so you will see a set of steps leading to the start of another level at some point, (I got bored crafting grass squares after the first level) but all of the upper Caverns and lower lever caverns are completed now. There are many different areas in this housing project so I have sectioned the pictures and the videos to break them down.

The Cemetery

The Cemetery This house belongs to my Arasi (this is an alt in the pics as taking pictures with a taller toon was easier), Necromancer so there is a Cemetery and a torture garden, other than that I take the caverns into a haven for the Arasi with flora and water pools scattered around. Oh and there's a Sauna and Baths room too.


Baths & Sauna

 Here you can see an overview of the lower Caverns. Hours of work went into placing many many grass squares before

View from the top of the Caverns

A Little greenery

I got the plant life and ponds placed. My little mushroom garden When I discovered how to record in game however I was able to capture even more of the lower and upper caverns. Here they are: