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Friday, 25 October 2013

Everquest II Guides and Tips - Writs in Neriak

First off, what is Ever-quest II? Ever-quest II is a MORPG that does exactly what it says on the tin, Quests are forever, you never run out of quests in this game and there is always something to do.

You can log on and quest, craft, design your very own house (or in my case my very own 15 houses) or you can level and play the dungeons as you go. Ever-quest II is also (if my mind serves me correctly) coming up for its’ 10th anniversary now so it is a well established MMO with loads to do and regular expansions out every year or two.

Where to find the writs in Neriak 

Writs are quests that gain you faction points within certain factions, you can then use their vendors to buy things with your faction status points. Neriak is one of the evil factions along with Freeport (which I will update later) It is a city built inside a mountain so it’s quite dark with many twists and turns and if you are new to the game it’s easy to become lost in there so here are your Writ NPC’s to help you on your way.

Level 20-25 Writs are available from ‘The Spurned’. This is a Mages faction and can be found in the Library of K’orn. You need to speak to ‘Laexa K’Oziana.

Level 30-35 Writs are available from ‘The disciples of Innoruk’, Priests faction. You need to speak to ‘Nathffyn DO’Vinitar’ to get the writs for this level.

Level 35-41 Writs are also available from ‘The disciples of Innoruk’, Priests faction. You need to speak to ‘Ervin T’Kix’ for these writs.

Level 41-45 writs can be found with the Scouts in ‘The Ebon Mask’ when you speak to Diuimar G’Zule.

Level 51 - 55 writs can be found in ‘The walk of the Dead’ section of Neriak in the midst of the Necromancers and Shadow Knights when you speak to ‘Quevolg S’Torate’

Level 55+ Writs come from ‘Kirak N’Tan who can be found with ‘The Indigo Brotherhood’ in the dockside markets area of Neriak.

So if you decide to play an Asarri, a Ratonga or a Dark Elf you could find yourself in Neriak. Feel free to go speak to some of these um…polite NPC’s and do your duty for Neriak …and earn yourself some faction status too!

Picture Courtesy of in game footage from Sony Online Entertainment