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Friday, 25 October 2013

Sorting out all my Gaming Notepads

OK to those of you who do not play MMO’s this may sound strange but to all of those people out there that like to track their Characters and make sure they are self sufficient with crafting you will understand…I hope, otherwise that just means I am an OCD Gamer ha ha .

The other night I was archiving all of my college stuff and notebooks as basically my term is over for all of one topic now. As I was going through these notebooks I found five of them were old gaming notes about various games.

In one I have skill training planned for two of my EVE characters and that just made me want to go back and use the plex in the corporate hanger so as I could dip in and play for a month or two again. I have a military based character and an explorer and they can be really fun to play if I am in the right mood to battle it out with 30 pirates or just go exploring and looking for wormholes. I am a casual player so I stick to sectors over 0.5 and occasionally chance my luck in 0.4 sectors, sometimes I am lucky and others …kaboom lol.

Another notepad had my old LOTRO notes in it, I actually uninstalled this over a year ago so these notes were thrown out. I had notes on Characters and Heritage Quests in two different books for EQII and these also made me want to log back in and play for a while but I suppose this is FTP now so I can if I want too.

Finally I found my notebook for all my RIFT stuff so I can update it and stop having to log in and out all the time to see who does what.

What I do have to do now though is go through all of these notes and maybe just re-write them all into one notepad as I know I will end up logging into EVE or EQII at some point so I am off to go start that now, anyone who has played EQII knows how long the heritage quests are so wish me luck on re-writing all of those! 

Picture of Eve Online Ammar Fleet attack; courtesy of and CCP