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Friday, 25 October 2013

Rift places in Telara. Where are you?

For anyone that is relatively new to Rift and joined because Storm legion looked amazing...Welcome and it is amazing !

The worst thing about any MMO though is not knowing what to expect when you get to a new area so I decided to take a few pictures to show you some of the places you can get to through the porticulims around Telara.

This is Scarlet Gorge base. There is a hub here of Rare planer goods vendors, PVP vendor and general goods. You have a porticulim and a healer so it’s a really good bind spot. When you reach this hub however there is nearly always an earth rift on one side (which you don't need to go near) and there is always a foothold, usually Death at the other side which I advise you take out at every opportunity as they can get in the way when you are sent further afield. Scarlet Gorge has some hidden corners so make sure you explore or you will lose out on some quests.

Scarlet Gorge

The Chancel of Labours is in Iron Pine Peaks which if you can start solo at level 40, it is mainly level 40 to 50 zone but for small groups unless you are built for solo of course. I do have a solo build warrior soul tree you can look at and more info about playing solo in this article. The chancel of Labours is a large building and nice to look at but make sure you go all the way through to the back, past the globe or you will miss out on quests.

Chancel of Labours in Iron Pine Peak

When you look at the lake out at the very start of Iron Pine Peak be wary of which direction you explore in as there are different levels at north east and west side. There are Air and water elemental around and on the lake however there are also elites so be aware of what you are attacking before throwing the first hit. 

Also be aware that if you want access to the new content from the Storm legion expansion, make sure you choose the option to Tulan as this is a clearer route to the new map, if you choose Daemon loci you will be in a confined area with lots of fighting to get out of the first gate.

Thanks to Trion: Photo's are taken from in game footage within RIFT or the Trion worlds website.