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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Rift - Places Stonefield

 When you play a defiant (who, by the way are the better faction, kidding!),  don’t rant at me yet heh heh.  Anyway, the second zone a Defiant is sent too after finishing all the quest lines in Freemarch is Stonefield.

I decided to write a post to help a new player get to Stonefield and then to Quarrystone Basin which is your first main questing hub in Stonefield.  If you are a new player Stonefield can be a little confusing as it is surrounded by mountains and mountain passes so if you take a wrong turn you can end up in part of Stonefield you are not quite ready for.

On the map you will see two paths leading around a mountain and a blue triangle on the map.  The blue triangle is me in Quarrystone basin.  You can take either road to get there but if you are not in the mood to battle your way all the way there you would be best to take the road at the top as you only have to battle little rock dudes and rams (which you need for a quest anyway)  The other path is more crowded with mobs and is a longer route.  

In picture one you can see the bridge over the Arc leading to Kings Retreat; if you go in the opposite direction and follow the bridge to the side I my character is standing on, yup, she’s the one in the green standing beside her loyal boar, this takes you to Stonefield.  By the way, keep your eyes open for shiny objects (Shiny's)  they are hidden up high or in little corners you would never think to look, see them in the pictures, they sparkle like little gems.  They are collectible and you get some great rewards for handing in completed collections.  I digress though.

The first thing you see upon entering Stonefield is the Wardstone.  This particular wardstone is always one of the first to be attacked during an invasion.  The Coterie Camp Wardstone is the one that normally falls during an invasion. 

I digress again,  When you speak to the two NPC’s their they will give you quests to kill the rams and collect ore from the little rock dudes.  This is where it is better to turn into the mountain pass if you want to avoid battling all the way their (it takes you along the top path in the map)rather than go straight ahead. 

Once you reach the Basin you can then bind to the porticulim there or just click on the porticulim master to open that one up to you for future use.  In the pictures around form the Basin camp you can see a little lone tent, this is your first quest area in the Basin zone…Hope this helps and good luck with the giants there!