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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Games I keep going back too

Every now and then I get nostalgic about my first two ever MMO’s and I get distracted, can’t play any other game until I log back into these two and get it out my system.

The first one is World of Warcraft.  At least twice a year I log back in and play for about a month each time and then it’s out my system.  What is it about World of Warcraft that keeps me going back every now and then.  It’s the simplicity of the graphics, the storylines and the exploring.  I love trying to run through high level areas to see how far I can get before being caught by the big bad in that area.  I love that my PC doesn’t lag out every time I hit a busy area and it’s nice to run a quest line without stuttering around.  I don’t have the best PC so World of Warcraft gives me a break from graphics envy of my man’s PC ha ha.

The second game I keep returning to is Everquest 2.  I will admit I don’t buy the expansions for this anymore as I am not high enough level to benefit from them but I do love the housing they have there.  I added layout editor to my software and I can now place tiles on walls if I need or set a bench diagonally to align with the flooring which is helpful in the prestige house, Thurgadin hall. I still carry out the quests and follow the storylines but do spend a lot more time creating different houses and trying to change structural designs inside them.  Again, Thurgadin hall is great for this as I managed to create a whole garden in the back cavern, far below the actual structure.  The great thing about this is I didn’t use the layout editor for this, I managed to clip a few grass squares in around the base and then managed to place a portal on one of them and started from there. 

As you may or may not have guessed, yes, I am on that nostalgic role again so I am off to fight for the horde and then decorate some houses !