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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Minecraft Builds

Minecraft is one of those games that you just cant leave alone for any length of time if you have imagination.  I have put up a very small overview of various builds but will be posting more on some of them over the next few weeks.

I personally use creative mode with lots of 'mods' to create everything from train stations to hotels, strongholds inside caverns, Ancient Egyptian monuments and whole mountains turned into living quarters, as well as various different house styles.

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 This is a stronghold i decided to build inside a cavern as well as building cave farming and growing trees there are tunnels throughout this stronghold that take you all over the area without having to encounter those annoying skeleton archers.

Below is a village a built, I love building villages and complexes and watching them all work, you build the right trade posts such as furnaces for a blacksmith or apothecary for potion seller and this is good support for survival mode too.   I hate when villagers get into my house so I built my own self sufficient red brick house across the water form them, far enough away so as I can buy and sell but not to close that they can let a zombie through my door !

This is a huge built of my idea of the great library of Alexandria, I have a whole Ancient Egyptian build but this was done on a separate seed as it was too big to replace my smaller version below.

This is  the latest build I have been working on, it roughly about 18 blocks high and about 25 squared on average.  I have another two floors to add to it, then a road and train station, this is one of the bigger builds so will be adding much more to this one and then..opening it up for survival mode (take some lights out inside the hotel and train station to allow spawning inside and it will be a great inside survival experience !

Yes the interior will probably be blown to smithereens by some vengeful creeper but the fun will be the survival of the fittest style, this is the sort of place you can set up a base in and for family fun my man, myself, and the wee one can all team up to beat the zombies !