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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Ideas for hunting grounds in Minecraft - Hotel and penthouse

Minecraft can be used for a multitude of different game play.
You can play as it was intended and try and survive by building a shelter before night falls and the zombies come out.  You can modify it and play hunger games, RPG,  drop puzzles, mazes or any other method of play you can think of.  If you are like me however, I love to just build.

I build Hotels, stilt houses, towns, villages, Trucks, lorries, and eventually I would like to build a full length orient express style train but I am a solo player most of the time so my projects can take some time.

I do have some mods to help me along the way however and would like to credit them here, I apologise if I forget any.

Tinkers construct
Carpenters Blocks

All of these mods add something to the game and if you have ever played the vanilla version of the game you will spot the items that are unavailable.  anyone who hasn't played or is investigating for child friendly games, all of the mods above other than NEI are used more for decorating and building than fighting.  Even saying that NEI can add monster spawners but this is no different to the vanilla version giving you the zombie eggs to spawn a zombie other than an actual spawner spawns more zombies.  I have to say that minecraft is not based around the monsters as you can always switch it to peaceful mode if you don't want your child playing the survival mode.

The video I have embedded below shows a four story hotel with penthouse.  Further video's will follow later that show the train line which takes you to the beginnings of a new town and a second train track that takes you to an area, yet to be built on. The whole project has taken me around a week to build on my own so far, but is far from finished.  The plan for this is to open it up into survival once its all complete so as my man, my niece and me can all play.  it a long term project but it's moving along nicely.