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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Ancient Egypt build

I am fascinated by ancient wonders, in particular ~Ancient Egypt so I decided to try and build some of them in minecraft.
I tried building on two different Biomes but unfortunately when 1.8 came about I opened one of them in the wrong profile and it literally fell apart.  The other build however has survived the test of time, so far, and is in the video link.

This was my second attempt at the great library which I was heartbroken when it fell apart, this is the price you pay however, when you mod your game and them open a save file under the wrong profile.  I tend to label them now with the version I'm using so as that doesn't happen any more.

This is the inside of the great library.
The video below shows my first attempt at building some of the Ancient Egyptian wonders.  Size comparisons are a little awkward but other than that it is a good practice run and still easy enough for kids to pick up. There are also other builds that are easy to build which I've written about previously.

Enjoy the video