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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Character Creating in Guild wars 2 - Sylvari Ranger

Level 18 Guardian
Creating a character in Guild wars 2 is not just a case of maximising your attributes.  It is a ten step process and creates a more personalised character with their own storyline for the first twenty levels.

Above is my Guardian at lvl 18 and she made many different background choices during character creation to give her, her own personal storyline to follow in game.

For the purposes of this post I went through the character creation and created this character.  We will call her 'Dreamer' as I deleted her afterwards (having enough alt's as it is).  The purpose of creating her was to take details of each step in order to guide you through the character creation.


Dreamer is of the race Sylvari.  The Sylvari are awakened souls from beneath the pale tree.  During their lives the live in a dream state called the pre-life dream and they awaken when they summoned to serve their purpose.

She has the profession (class) of Ranger which is a pet class within Guild Wars 2, her weapon choice is the bow.  All rangers have a keen eye and steady hand for precision shots along with the use of nature to help them defeat the enemy.  Her favoured pet is the Fern Hound who stands by her even when she is faced with the toughest of opponents.  the fern Hound is basically your tank pet as it has the most vitality and toughness.

Her background consists of choices I made (words in bold below) during the following questions:

1. "Trouble may follow me but I use my" Dignity "to overcome it".

Dignity shows a thoughtful personality which gains respect.  Sylvari using dignity believe that this thoughtful demeanour is their route to success.

2. "I dreamed of a quest that calls me to action.  It was a vision of the" Moon.

The shield of the moon symbolises healing and fortitude along with faith are said to protect any who dream of this symbol..

3. "I believe that the most important of Ventori's teaching is" All things have a right to grow.

This means that 'Dreamer' will stand up for the rights of others and not condemn them for just being different.

4. "The pale tree awakened me during the cycle of the" Dawn".

The cycle of the dawn represents deep thinkers, talkers, diplomats and those that are intimately connected with their surroundings.  they are also very empathic towards all  including all other races.

The final step is to choose your name.  at this point I will add that the great thing about guild wars naming system is that you can choose a surname too so getting a character name is not as difficult as you would think.

This is just a simple mock up of a Sylvari ranger with pet and background but I will be posting all other options available throughout character creation to help you build any race or profession/class.

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