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Friday, 10 January 2014

Everquest - New life

I always log back into Everquest 2 at Christmas time for their annual frost fell event.  This year was some what different though.  Frost fell looked completely different with ice statues of Bears, wolves and deer everywhere.  The fairies were frozen too which gave you a brand new quest line to do in frost fell.  It was a fairly easy quest but new and fun.

Of course when you log back in for one thing you discover other new things too.  An option to upgrade characters to level 85 heroic for instance.  I knew there was a new expansion 'Tears of Veeshan' although I did not realise how popular it would be.  I logged in and chat was busy and still is.  The broker is not so stagnant any more either.  Tears of Veeshan has been out since early November and the game has never been stronger.  This new expansion along with major updated improvements on graphics and new quest lines really seems to have done the trick and Everquest 2 seems to be back on track.

Picture Courtesy of Sony on-line entertainment and taken form in game footage.