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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Guild Wars 2 - Which Profession?

Ranger which is a pet class within Guild Wars 2, The weapon of choice is usually the bow.  All rangers have a keen eye and steady hand for precision shots along with the use of nature to help them defeat the enemy.
There is a choice of  pet from the following (dependant on race chosen).  The Ranger wears medium armour for protection.  There is also  a separate post in regards to the starter pets here.

Elementalists use the powers of destruction to best their enemies.  These powers come form the natural elements, Fire, Air, Water and Earth.   when creating the character you are asked which loved symbol you wear from the four elements.  They wear light armour.

The Warrior is a balance of offensive and defensive moves and abilities. they use martial arts, speed and strength as well as toughness to beat their opponents.  They get to choose a symbol of their power through choosing a piece of armour.  This armour piece can be a Spangle helm which intimidates the foe, a Galea so as they remember who defeated them or no helm at all causing the opponent to cringe and falter at the sight of you on the battlefield.  They wear heavy armour to protect against damage.

Uses the Dark arts to defeat there enemies.  They are also a pet class that summon the dead to fight their battles for them whilst hitting the target from a ranged position.  they draw life forces to heal themselves and wear light armour to protect against physical damage.  They get to choose form a mask they wear as a mark of how close to death they really are.  The masks are of the Trickster God, a Skull or a Ghostly Wraith each does impact on your attributes so choose wisely.

This is your tank class built and trained in the art of defence.  Their abilities include protective and defensive abilities and manoeuvres.  They can use many and varied weaponry so playing around with these for ultimate damage or protection would be useful. Guardians are given the option of choosing a piece of armour.  Pauldrons or a helm to be precise.  They are offered either Conquerors Pauldrons, Fanatics Pauldrons or a visionary helm.

These are your scout class who use stealth and shadows to surprise their foe before using high damage abilities to slay them.  thieves are offered a style rather than a pet, mask or piece of Armour, they can choose to have anonymity, determination or be a subterfuge. They are excellent in one to one combat or as support in a group. Medium Armour is their choice protection against the enemy.

Engineers are a new class to me,  they can use turrets, grenades and various elixirs and potions to thwart the enemy.  Up close they can be slightly 'squishy' but when you manage to keep the enemy at range these are hard hitters.  they get the choice of a tool they carry with them at all times, it can be a Wrench, Eagle eye goggles or a Panscopic Monocle.

They use illusion to confuse and damage the target.  they can create up to three clones of themselves who fight up close whilst keeping themselves at range.  Not necessarily high damage until you destroy your clones and then things heat up. Mesmers, like Necromancers, get the choice of a mask but this is because they choose to hide behind that mask as an illusion.  It can be the mask of the Harlequin smile, the phantasm of sorrow or the fanged dread.

I hope this helps a little when choosing your profession however there are other posts on Character creating on this blog or the cited blog below, so feel free to browse and use the information as you will.


Guild wars 2 - In game text
Guild Wars 2 - In Game pictures

All pictures taken from my own in game footage courtesy of Arena Net